FFF sine fibula

FFF sine fibula is a variation of Fibula Free Flap phalloplasty, whereby the flap is created without sacrificing the fibula. The neophallus is thinner, more elegant, less rigid and able to contain an inflatable penile prosthesis.

Functional loss of the donor site is minimal compared with the conventional FFF method.

The device used for implantation is an inflatable penile prosthesis – the size is not precised. Following this procedure a scar will be left on the patient’s calf.

The patient will be able to urinate standing and sexual intercourse is possible. Some patients claim erotic sensations and orgasms, however this is not the expected result. Therefore the contralateral clitoral dorsal nerve and the clitoris should not be disturbed in order to maintain erogenous sensation. The ilioinguinal nerve does provide tactile and protective sensation in the backside area of the neophallus and in some of the frontal area.


ZSI is the only European manufacturer of artificial urinary sphincters and of malleable and inflatable penile implants, as solutions for male urological problems (incontinence), sexual complications (Erectile Dysfunction), and gender identity procedures (prostheses for trans men and women).

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