Meeting Dr. Nicolas Morel-Journel, France

The meeting took place in the Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, the largest FTM center in France to date.
Dr. Morel-Journel implanted two ZSI 475 FTM implants and the patients are happy with the results.
The doctor also expressed satisfaction with this inflatable implant (ZSI 475 FTM) as it meets all his requirements as an experienced surgeon with FTM procedures.

Due to high demand from potential foreign patients (principally from Latin America), he addressed the possibility of these patients being received at Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud.
Unfortunately, Dr. Morel Journel cannot attend to new patients himself at this time, because there are patients on his waiting list for phalloplasty operations, who’ve been waiting for more than a year.

However, the doctor is prepared to work with ZSI, and he and his plastic surgeon have offered to train other hospitals to perform phalloplasty and implant procedures.


ZSI is the only European manufacturer of artificial urinary sphincters and of malleable and inflatable penile implants, as solutions for male urological problems (incontinence), sexual complications (Erectile Dysfunction), and gender identity procedures (prostheses for trans men and women).

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