The links of websites and social medias we recommend


FTM Ressources
FTM Guide : A guide for FTM going through medical treatments, presenting as a male, dating, among others.
FTM Surgery : Provides support for trans man together with a selected directory of surgeons who perform FTM gender reassignment surgery. : A guide about FTM phalloplasty surgery (transition process, surgeons, centers, before and after photos, among others).
Transguys Hub : A web magazine writing about news, surveys etc. in relation with transpeople.

MTF Ressources
MTF Surgery : A guide about MTF surgeries (procedures, surgeons, before/after pictures etc.).
Aprils Touch : An amazing company offering non-surgical feminization care.


Arin Andrews : autor of “Some Assembly Required:The Not-So-Secret Life of a Transgender Kid”
The Real Alex Bertie

Some useful links about transgenderism