Why ZSI implants for MTF patients?

MTF individuals have male anatomy, but they are gendered female. To correct this gender dysphoria, many MTF people seek reconstructive surgeries. Construction of the vagina is one of the most sought-after operations. This neovagina is a sort of “tunnel” created amid the rectum, the urethra, and the bladder. The male anatomy has only a small flap of tissue in the perineum with which to create a vagina. The surgeon creates a space between 12 and 18 cm long behind the bladder, the size depending on the size of the patient.

Once this tunnel has been created, the internal walls must be covered with tissue; otherwise, they will close again, as would occur with any wound. The majority of surgeons utilize the skin of the penis or of the scrotum for this, as well as the coating of the urethra. If the neovagina is left alone after the operation, it can retract or become necrotic, and at the end of six months it will have closed again. Therefore, the tissues of the neovagina must be applied correctly to the walls of this “tunnel,” to generate new vascularization, which “feeds” the new organ. Until the scarring is complete, the neovagina must be kept open to maintain its amplitude.

One manufacturer formerly offered a product made of silicone for this purpose. But the company stopped making it, and surgeons felt compelled to use various “homemade” implants (gloves filled with fabric, for example) that could be formed into more or less acceptable shapes, in order to induce new vascularization and prevent the vagina from closing naturally through scarring.

ZSI, inventor and manufacturer of urinary and penile implants, understood the need for a new product designed for MTF patients. This “expander” is an oblong silicone ball that fills with air. Thanks to its valve system, the expander can be filled according to the needs and the anatomy of each patient.

The ZSI expander facilitates vaginoplasty procedures and assures good scarring of the neovagina walls when the implant is used according to the surgeon’s recommendations.

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There is a video tp understand better the process of Vaginoplasty surgery:

ZSI is the only European manufacturer of artificial urinary sphincters and of malleable and inflatable penile implants, as solutions for male urological problems (incontinence), sexual complications (Erectile Dysfunction), and gender identity procedures (prostheses for trans men and women).