General information

The company

ZSI is a Swiss independent company developing implants to provide healthy and effective solutions for urological disorders and for FtM surgery.
More info here.

The implants

You can find all of the information on the available implants on our website.

About the Malleable penile implant.

About the Inflatable Penile implant.


Features of the different devices

The devices are made so that you can urinate standing, have an erection and lead a normal sex life. Each implant has its own features and characteristics, as shown here.

About the sperm

The implants cannot be filled with sperm for ejaculation; and there is no other implant available that can offer this solution. We would advise you to speak with your surgeon about this topic.


The sizes vary from 12 to 18 cm, depending on the device (check them here).
Our inflatable devices have been registered for 12, 15 and 17 cm. At the moment, the 15cm size is the only one available, but the 18cm size will be produced shortly. We are waiting for more feedback from the market in order to manufacture smaller sizes than 15 cm.


The recommended public prices are available here, on our website.
The suggested prices are only the product prices. In addition to this, you should consider all the medical expenses; these expenses should be discussed with the hospital and the doctor who will be performing the surgery. Prices vary depending on the country and hospital chosen.


There are no specific requirements to go forward with the procedure. However, as we don’t know where you are in your process right now, we advise you to speak to the urologist / surgeon who will perform the surgery. It is according to your personal state/body/medication that the surgeon will tell you if you are ready to receive the surgery or not.

Resistance and duration

Older brands have all passed tests suggesting that their implants could last for 10 years. It was however found that after implantation they usually lasted less than 7 years for biological men, and even less for transgender men.
 ZSI successfully passed all the resistance tests and was proved to be resistant for 10 years as well. We expect our FtM devices to be more resistant in terms of use and duration than the implants for biological men, as they are especially designed for FtM patients.


Operation safety / risks

One can never be sure in any kind of surgery what the rate of secondary/permanent damage will turn out to be. Still, our products have been validated by many surgeons. So, when you choose your surgeon, he/she will tell you about his/her experience in this kind of surgery, but our company cannot guarantee the results of the surgery as they really depend on the patient and the surgeon chosen.

Operation procedures

The surgical technique depends on the center.

Where to be implanted

Find the FTM centers and doctor information here.

About the USA

For now, the devices cannot be implanted in the US some US surgeons are very interested in the implants but the FDA is far too expensive to get for our company. Still, you can consider having your flat phalloplasty completed in the US with some of our measurements, and then go to one of our recommended centers abroad to get the implant inserted.

Centers zoning

We have recommended centers in Chile and Cuba.
 As for India, we are not yet registered to sell our devices in that country but we will look for an implantation center as soon as we get the certification to implant which could take up to one year. We also distribute to many countries and we have some centers in Europe that already work with us.

Centers of attention by ZSI

As we can’t have our devices implanted in the US and as medical centers are generally very busy with very long waiting lists, we are planning to build our ZSI centers in strategic places. They will probably be in South America (Mexico, Cuba etc.) and Europe. More information will follow.

Health Insurance

General Information bout Health Insurance

Check with your health insurance as some parts of the surgery can be covered according to your contract. Does you contract cover the cost of implantation outside of the USA? 
Some countries and health insurances do cover the entire surgery. You should check directly with your own insurance company / country. For instance, I know that in France it is covered 100% by public insurance if you fulfill some criteria (e.g. one year of psychotherapeutic treatment, etc.).

After Surgery


To preserve the intimacy of the patients, there are no photos available for now.

Acceptance of the implant in the body

Our device was successfully implanted in Belgium at the beginning of 2016. The first results are very positive.

Sexual use

We don’t have this feedback yet as the operation took place a very short while ago and recovery time needs to be considered. However, we expect to have better results in terms of feeling and comfort than the existing implants, as ZSI FtM implants have been specifically designed for transgenders.

General questions asked by patients and visitors, and our answers

Question 1:What kind of noises do the ZSI FTM implants make when using?

Don’t worry, our semi-rigid ZSI 100 FTM is made of silicone, there is not any noise when you bend or straight it. Our inflatable ZSI 475 FTM is made of silicone and soft tissue, there is not any noise when it is flat or when it is having an erection.
BUT, if the surgeon do not remove all air bubbles carefully when he fill it with saline solution during procedure, you might have, or not, a very little sound when pressing the pump as you inflate the prosthesis to get an erection.

Question 2:How long does it take to achieve a full erection using the pump for the ZSI 475 FTM?

About 10 to 20 stroke on the pump.

Question 3:What are the common complications for the implants?

The main complication is poor fixation by the surgeon to the pubic bone that can lead to penile implant new fixation or penile implant removal. It is important that the surgeon sutures or screws the implants with four sutures/screws. Infection of the prosthesis can be considered as the second complication. Skin erosion. Mechanical failure as leakage / cable broken while implanted.