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19 April 2022
Interview with Dr Enrique LLEDO in Madrid, Spain ! Dr Enrique Lledo est chef de la section d’urologie fonctionnelle reconstructive et andrologique de l’hôpital universitaire Gregorio Maranon de Madrid en Espagne. Il exerce egalement dans le secteur privé...

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17 June 2021
Interview Pr. Weiguo Hu

Prof. Weiguo Hu is president of the French society for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. We have had the pleasure to meet him in Brest Hospital. He told us about...

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10 June 2021
Implantation of inflatable prosthesis in Brest!

We were at the Cavale Blanche hospital to meet Prof. Weiguo Hu during a new implantation of inflatable implant ZSI 475 FTM for the phalloplasty. Prof. Hu is president of...

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28 May 2021

A metoidioplasty with penile implant ZSI 100 D4 was performed by Dr. Madec and Dr. Vidart in Foch hospital, in France. The surgery went very well, and both surgeons are...

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27 May 2021
New implantation of ZSI 475 FTM in Madrid!

We were very happy to finally be able to travel to Madrid to attend a new implantation of the ZSI 475 FTM inflatable implant at the Vithas Nisa Pardo Hospital...

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30 April 2021

Did you know ZSI is also present in Turkey? Plastic surgeon Pr Serdar Nasir already implanted our prostheses for the phalloplasty several times. Last week, a prosthesis ZSI 475 FTM...

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28 April 2021
Interview Dr. Marco Falcone

Doctor Marco Falcone is a urologist surgeon in the Molinette Hospital in Torino. He is specialized in gender affirming surgery. In this interview, he told us about his activity, his...

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17 March 2021
Implantations of inflatable prostheses in Paris!

This month, we had the pleasure to meet Dr. Adrien Vidart for the implantation of two ZSI 475 FTM inflatable prostheses for the phalloplasty! Doctor Vidart is a urologist and...

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12 March 2021
New implantations of ZSI 475 FTM implants in Bordeaux !

We were with Professor Vincent Casoli, plastic and aesthetic surgeon at the University Hospital of Bordeaux, France. The professor is also responsible for the Transgender Unit within the hospital. We...

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25 February 2021
Interview Dr. François-Xavier Madec

We met Dr. Madec, urologist surgeon in Foch hospital in Suresnes, near Paris. He told us about his activity regarding gender affirming surgeries, and more specifically about vaginoplasty procedures. Subtitles...

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16 February 2021
Interview Dr. Adrien Vidart

We went to Foch hospital in Suresnes, near Paris, to meet Dr. Vidart. He told us about his activity regarding gender affirming surgeries, and about his experience with ZSI implant...

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7 February 2021
Interview Pr. Vincent Casoli

We were pleased to meet Pr Casoli in Bordeaux hospital to get a presentation of the Transgender unit. He also told us about his experience with ZSI inflatable implant. We...

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