Procedures for metoidioplasty

30 March 2021
About metoidioplasty !

We met Dr Jean-Etienne Terrier, urological surgeon at Jean Mermoz private hospital in Lyon, in France. This extract from our interview is specifically focused on metoidioplasty. What does this surgery...

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24 March 2021
New metoidioplasty with ZSI 100 D4 implant in Lyon!

Dr. Jean-Etienne Terrier and Dr. Elie Pricaz, both urological surgeons, performed a metoidioplasty with the implantation of a ZSI 100 D4 implant at the Jean Mermoz private hospital in Lyon,...

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20 January 2020
What is metoidioplasty?

Metoidioplasty is a gender reassignment surgery alternative to phalloplasty for transmasculine people. To understand the different stages of this surgery, we should explain that the clitoris, which has a structure...

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