Metoidioplasty & Implants

28 May 2021

A metoidioplasty with penile implant ZSI 100 D4 was performed by Dr. Madec and Dr. Vidart in Foch hospital, in France. The surgery went very well, and both surgeons are...

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26 April 2021
Getting an implant after having done a metoidioplasty?

We received this question per email, and we thought it would be interesting to share the answer here. So, can the ZSI 100 D4 implant be inserted after having already...

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6 April 2021
Testimonial of patient using ZSI 100 D4 implant for the metoidioplasty!

We are pleased to share this testimonial from a patient about his experience with our ZSI 100 D4 implant for the metoidioplasty! "I had surgery in Lyon Sud hospital in...

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30 March 2021
About metoidioplasty !

We met Dr Jean-Etienne Terrier, urological surgeon at Jean Mermoz private hospital in Lyon, in France. This extract from our interview is specifically focused on metoidioplasty. What does this surgery...

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24 March 2021
New metoidioplasty with ZSI 100 D4 implant in Lyon!

Dr. Jean-Etienne Terrier and Dr. Elie Pricaz, both urological surgeons, performed a metoidioplasty with the implantation of a ZSI 100 D4 implant at the Jean Mermoz private hospital in Lyon,...

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20 October 2020
Why ZSI implants for FTM patients?

FTM (Female to Male – assigned female at birth but who doesn’t identify as such and identifies more as male) people may have several steps to complete for their transition....

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18 June 2020
Testimonial of patient about our implant for the metoidioplasty ZSI 100 D4!

Evan, age 35, lives in Montpellier, France, and it has been 2 years (January 2016) that he has lived with his ZSI 475 FTM prosthesis. At the conference “Les Trans,...

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20 January 2020
What is metoidioplasty?

Metoidioplasty is a gender reassignment surgery alternative to phalloplasty for transmasculine people. To understand the different stages of this surgery, we should explain that the clitoris, which has a structure...

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22 November 2017

FIRST IMPLANTATION OF THE MALLEABLE IMPLANT FOR METOIDIOPLASTY ZSI 100 D4 IN LYON (FRANCE)   The placing of malleable penile implants in cisgender men’s penile corpora cavernosa is well-understood and...

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17 August 2017

Dear Sir, dear Doctor, Regarding the experience we acquired, we are studying now an innovative prosthesis for transmen with metoidioplasty. In order to achieve our project the most successful possible,...

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