Testimonial of Anthony about ZSI phalloplasty implant

Anthony lives in Bordeaux, in France. We met him during a presentation of our implants. This meeting was organized in the LGBTQI+ centre le Girofard with the association Trans3.0. He told us about his experience with the inflatable implant ZSI 475 FTM.

« I had my 1st antebrachial phalloplasty in 2017 by Pr. Hu, in Brest. Then, my outer skin was replaced by thigh skin in order to have a wider penis in 2019 by Professor Casoli, in Bordeaux. Then I had the ZSI 475 FTM L150 prosthesis in Bordeaux, in January 2021 by Pr. Casoli.

Choice of implant

I really liked the concept of a dedicated FtM implant, with a good fixation on the pubic bone, and limited risks of extrusion minimized by its specific shape, different from cismen prostheses. I had the chance to touch and manipulate the implants during a presentation of your team at Girofard centre with the Trans3.0 association.

I was hesitating with the malleable implant, but my surgeon did not recommend it to me. In the end, I am happy to have listen to him, because having a prosthesis that is completely flat when I don’t use it, and very hard during intercourse is very comfortable.

After surgery

It was difficult during 15 days, especially at the level of the scrotum. But this is not painful anymore.

Comments about the implant

I find the pump too stiff, although in practice it is not that difficult to squeeze actually. It is annoying when I sit on a bicycle saddle for instance, but I guess it is also the case for cismen testicles.
In my case, the pump is too small to give the impression of a real testis. I think my body type is not helping and that there was not enough room to insert a bigger volume during the 1st operation. But maybe this is something we could consider now, since the skin is more relaxed. I have a very large phallo and the glans does not have visible relief. But you can feel it to the touch, my partner even finds it sometimes too hard.


To inflate or deflate the implant, I struggled during the first 10 uses. But now, I know how to inflate and deflate very easily. About the aspect, my phalloplasty was too low and when I was naked it went between my thighs. Now it stays well in front which is very comfortable.

Satisfaction with the prosthesis

To sum up, I am very happy with my prosthesis. It allows me to have very satisfying penetrative intercourse with my partner and it improves my self-esteem during solitary masturbations.

Currently, I cannot imagine my life without it, although small improvements are always possible. I keep my fingers crossed that I won’t have any problems, but being young and very active, I don’t want to deprive myself of this happiness that I am currently living.

I realize that this project involves a lot of people who work hard to make the best products for us. I ask a lot, it’s true, but I really believe in ZSI, and I sincerely believe that in a few years the prosthesis will be perfect.”

A big thank you to Anthony for his trust and for sharing his experience with inflatable ZSI implant.

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ZSI is the only European manufacturer of artificial urinary sphincters and of malleable and inflatable penile implants, as solutions for male urological problems (incontinence), sexual complications (Erectile Dysfunction), and gender identity procedures (prostheses for trans men and women).



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