Testimonial of Max about his experience of the inflatable implant ZSI 475 FTM !

In his feedback with the inflatable implant ZSI 475 FTM, Max explains us why he has chosen this kind of implant, what were his expectations and how it was after the surgery.

“The inflatable prosthesis ZSI 475 FTM was implanted on the 9th of January 2020 in Jean Mermoz Hospital in Lyon in France, by Dr Jean-Étienne Terrier. I started my phalloplasty on the 6th of March 2018 in Lyon Sud with the same doctor.

For me, getting an implant was obvious. I considered the implant was the final touch of the process of my phalloplasty. I think we are many who cannot wait to get the implant when we want a phalloplasty.

I chose ZSI because your products are adapted and designed for the phalloplasty. I chose this implant because I like the natural aspect of the progressive erection when inflating the pump. I also like the fact that the penis is fully erected, or in a fully flaccid position. I really made my choice after speaking to my surgeon. I was also a bit worried that the malleable implant ZSI 100 FTM was not as rigid as the pump.

Pain feels different for everyone. But for me, it was very painful. During 3 weeks, I felt alright only when lying or semi lying, seating was almost impossible. Then I could not walk properly during 3 more weeks and it was still painful, but much less intense. Step by step, it get’s better. But it is totally worth it !

I am very satisfied with the implant. It is like a revolution to me, even if it has its little imperfections. For instance, it would be better to have more sizes options.

The glans’ part of the implant has an awesome effect when you touch it and I love its shape. But I have a little problem, because the glans of the implant does not reach the end of my phalloplasty. It leaves me with a « soft » glans, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Although we cannot see it from the outside, I can feel it when I touch it.

The pump makes a little noise when I inflate the implant, less than at the beginning but still it does a bit. Since it was healed, I could not feel any pain anymore. But when I drive a lot during the day, I feel sometimes like a little discomfort in the scrotum (for my job I spend a lot of time on the road).

The general aspect is excellent. It changed the appearance of my phalloplasty, even in a flaccid position. Its aspect when I am in erection is also very nice, apart from the soft glans (but I feel it only when I touch it). The pump takes a little space in the scrotum. It takes some time to get used to it (I had the pump in the labia, I did not want a scrotoplasty).

I don’t think a had any particular fear, except I was worried not to know how to inflate it, or to imagine it would be weird to have to inflate it on the moment.

It was not easy to use in the first place. I struggled more to deflate than to inflate it for some reason. Incidentally, I stayed in erection during a family dinner because I did not manage to deflate it (after trying for 30-40mn) and I was getting angry (when it gets like this, it is obvious it cannot work)! So, I had to go without deflating it, and after the dinner I sat quietly at home, had a deep breath and finally it worked… I will remember it during my all life!! I am laughing about it now, but at that time I was in panic and I imagined I had to see my GP or even worth, going to the emergency at the hospital so that they can deflate it. My conclusion after this: TRAINING is the key. Since I know how to inflate it, I always did it once a day (inflate/deflate). It is very important to get used to it, to soften the mechanism, but also to rediscover your body, discover new sensations, etc.

To me, it is really important to get to grips with the pump before having intercourse with someone else.

The implant is like a revolution to me, like a completion. Since I got it, I really feel comfortable with myself (even if I have this glans’ complex, it brought me back to life). I feel like I am finally complete and I rediscover my anatomy every day. Even a few months later, I discover new sensations, etc.

Before starting the process of the phalloplasty, I went to Bordeaux to a ZSI meeting organized by Blanche. Also, I read testimonials and I discussed on social medias with people who got the implant. I thank them a lot for their help by the way, they know who they are.

If I had to do it again, I would not have any doubt (even if I know what to expect in terms of pain as it is not an “easy going” surgery)! I would like to thank all the people who supported me all along, my family, my friends, my brothers in misery, and of course my surgeon, his medical assistant and all the medical team who was with me during the all phalloplasty process. Of course, I also thank ZSI for all the work you did and will do.

The phalloplasty and the implant have changed my life. I feel much better in my own skin, I am not saying that it is necessary for everybody in order to feel complete and legitimate, but it was the case for me. It was like a big release, which put an end to an 8 years journey.”



ZSI is the only European manufacturer of artificial urinary sphincters and of malleable and hydraulic penile implants, as solutions for male urological problems (incontinence), sexual complications (Erectile Dysfunction), and gender identity procedures (prostheses for trans men and women).




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