ZSI 100
ZSI 100



The cylinders of the ZSI 100 Penile Implant are inserted within the corpus cavernosum, residing on either side of the penis. No tissue is removed or created to insert the cylinders. They are placed within an already existing space of the penis, where previously blood would flood and cause the penis to be erect. The ZSI 100 Penile Implant does not affect the patients capacity to urinate or ejaculate. The implant does not affect the natural sensitivity of the penis nor of the Glans.

Rigidity for intercourse

2 cylinders of ZSI 100 provide the ideal rigidity for intercourse.
Any size ZSI 100, from 12 to 25cm, will provide satisfactory results for intercourse.

Lack of rigidity for intercourse

A device lacking rigidity might be very comfortable in a resting position, but would be useless for intercourse.

Flexible distal part

Pressing the side of a penis implanted with the ZSI 100 results in a natural bending motion which feels like that of a natural penis.

Lack of flexible distal part

Pressing the side of a penis implanted with an overly rigid distal part does not result in a natural bending motion. It will feel unnatural.

Shape memory

The ZSI 100’s excellent shape memory is an important feature which increases patient comfort.
The less readily the implant resumes its shape after bending, the more comfortable it will feel in a resting position, in the patient’s trousers.

Lack of shape memory

Implants without good shape memory will be uncomfortable for everyday use.

Gland comfort

The ZSI 100 has a flexible distal part, allowing for optimum gland comfort in a flaccid position.

Lack of gland comfort

A lack of flexibility in the distal part of the device will produce excess rigidity, leading to gland discomfort in the resting position.

Ask to test the implants

Remember to test the malleable penile implant you plan to purchase, following the steps illustrated below.

Safe in MRI and airport Scanners

You can travel with your ZSI 100. It cannot be detected by airport scanners.

The ZSI 100 is also safe in medical scanners.